Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Momma's perspective....

Yes, I have been sitting here pondering.  Smiling.  Giggling.  Crying happy tears.  Looking at family pictures.  Heart overflowing with love.  Mmmm....  just taking in all the blessings of this God given life.

I am so very proud of my girls.  Both unique individuals.  Both full time learners.  Doing what they know God has for them.  Both of them loving the Lord, and relying on Him to make it through the toughest days.

Michelle, our farmer.  Studying hard to learn the ins and outs of gardening, chickens, cows, and homesteading.  And as she puts it, using her math and science skills in everything, even backing up a horse trailer.

Melissa, our professor to be.  She has always wanted to be a "full time learner"...  and with what she is studying...  I think it's better her than me.   She is "loving" her apartment, studies hard, and really enjoys teaching. 

We joke around a lot about who they take after.  If they didn't look so much like us, we would think they were switched at birth.

Michelle is so much like her Daddy, she looks like the Haire family for sure.  She is a deep thinker, and a hands on learner, determined.  She is slow to make comments, thinking about what she should say and not blurting it out.  She would do anything for her little family.  Yes, she is so very much like her Daddy.

Melissa, as some have said, is a carbon copy of her Momma, and has a combination of the Clifford/Avery families.   She is determined (stubborn), she knows what she wants and goes for it.  She is independent, and likes to have quiet times alone.  She is compassionate.  Her emotions sometimes run rampant.  She loves her friends.  She loves her family, and just adores her nephews.

Yes this Momma has been pondering about her daughters, and my heart is overflowing with pride for who they have become, the beautiful young women they are. God gave me the desire of my heart, to have a family.  You see, I was having some abdominal issues and went in for a physical and was told at doctors visit in the late 70's that I would most likely never have children.  Never?    That was filed in the deep part of my brain, until I met David in 1987.  The man of my dreams.  And then that memory flashed back of the doctors appointment.  We had talked about having a family with up to 6 children, so this was something he needed to know.  We talked about it, if we couldn't have children there could be adoption, or maybe we would just serve the Lord together, just the two of us.  Well, God granted me the desire of my heart.  That minimal chance of having my own children, became a reality.  2 beautiful daughters.  Blessed beyond my expectations.  I had my family.

So there you have it...  my ponderings...  from this Momma's perspective...  my heart is overflowing with love...  with joy...  with happiness...  and my eyes are overflowing with tears...  happy tears...

I am sure that there will be more ponderings in the future...  but for now...