Thursday, March 26, 2009


Yesterday was a good day! Really busy for me, and a really short day of work for David, but a really really good day. Some of you will understand and some of you won't. But let me tell you that the feeling of freedom is wonderful. It's been a long time(22 years) that we have felt oppression and enslavement, but now that has been lifted from us. We have persevered, and the reward is great. Thank you God for carrying us through this, and always providing us with all that we have needed. When things were tough, you provided, and you literally carried us through the murky waters. Thank you Lord!

Philippians 4:4, 13

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Typical morning with David getting ready for work, Melissa getting ready for school and M&E coming to spend time with "Grauntie". But then the day turns into nothing but hubbub. I am roasting a turkey this morning(will be out at 12:45) so we will have something good to eat for dinner, the kids leave at 1pm or so, and then I have to rush out of the house and make it to Concord by 2:30pm to pick up a food delivery for the pantry. Then back to New Hampton to pick up a table at 3:30pm for M&J, then to the church to make sure everything is ready for Friends and to put away the food. Then home to finish our dinner. Thankfully everyone here loves hot turkey sandwiches, and I have homemade bread to make them with..... I will just need to cook the vegetables and make the pumpkin pie for dessert when I get home, but that will be enough as I won't be getting home until 5pm or so. Phew!!!! I'm tired already.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Colossians 3:13, Ephesians 4:32, Matthew 6:14,15, Matthew 18:21-35

It is so hard to forgive, especially when someone continues to sin against you. Slandering and stealing. But God calls us to forgive them all the more.

Our "Outback" study this week has really made me stop in my tracks and take this to heart. If I can't forgive them, what does that say about my walk with God? And about God's forgiveness of me?

One of the questions was "Have you truly forgiven people who have harmed you?" My immediate response was - yes, of course I have. But then as I thought about it some more and prayed about it, I had to admit to myself and to God, that - no, I haven't. I had to confess to God that I have been harboring unforgiveness. God showed me that I had to forgive three people, and the difficult thing in all of this is they are relatives that I love dearly. But the release I have felt after praying and spending time with our great God has lifted that yoke of unforgiveness from around my neck, and I don't feel weighted down anymore. The problems are still there, but I can honestly say that I forgive them from my heart, for they do not know what they do. I can love them, but not like their actions towards me and my family. I will continually forgive them.

By not forgiving them, I did not have the forgiveness of God. Matthew 6:15. I thank my God for hearing my cry, for showing me my unforgiveness. Now I can walk upright and not be weighed down, I am forgiven. What a mighty God I serve!

Phillipians 4:4,8,13

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

Oh wow!!!!! It's been a long time since I've blogged. I was sick for two weeks and did practically nothing. It was so hard to sit up, that I literally had to force myself to get up and move, and not lay there like a beached wh.... never mind, I don't think I have made it that far......but oh did I feel like it.

But now, I am up and at 'em. Feeling great. So here is a blog. Hmmmmmmm.......what should I write about? I really can't think of much of anything to say.

So I guess what I will leave you with is this. I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I am still here. Being challenged with the daily schedules and work and everything that goes along with being a wife, mother, auntie, grauntie, aunt, friend and daughter. And I love my life, and all that goes along with it......being a wife, mother........well you know.

I trust you will enjoy this day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it. God has given us another day. Another beautiful day. To enjoy, to serve, to spend time with Him. And it can't get any better than this.......until we see Him face to face. What a glorious day that will be.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Our weekend away scheduled for February 28th - March 1st, was rescheduled to March 7-8 because of me getting Strep. It turned out to be a wonderful weekend away. I really needed the time away, and it was restful and the weather was absolutely great. A little rain on Saturday evening, but the days were sunny and warm. I needed the rest and to get away from the hubbub of life.

We arrived in Lenox about an hour ahead of schedule and went right to the apartment where Michelle was waiting for us. We enjoyed an hour visit with her, and then Joel came in from work so we had a chance to visit with him for a bit before they had to go for an appointment to check out an apartment. When it was time for them to go, we headed to the Days Inn where I had made reservations a few weeks ago, hoping that they had indeed changed the date of our arrival. We had a really nice room with 2 double beds as we had anticipated Melissa and Tabitha being with us the weekend before....but they both had plans so couldn't be with us for this weekend. We didn't remember how small a double bed was as we've had a queen size for about 4 years now. It was funny....... Anyways, we watched a bit of TV and David napped after the 4 hour drive, and then Michelle called and said they were on their way over to meet us.

They arrived and we made plans to go to dinner. Friendly's was the top choice until we remembered we had been given a 10% off discount coupon for Bennigan's when we checked in. So it was Bennigan's. We all ordered the same thing, well almost the same thing. We all ordered the Monte Cristo(Ham, turkey, 2 kinds of cheese, special sauce in a sandwich that was deep fried sprinkled with confectioner's sugar with raspberry preserve dipping sauce and french fries). Michelle ordered hers on panini bread with mashed potatoes. Delicious, but way to much food and way to much fried food.

Then after dinner we were talking about what we wanted to do, visit at their apartment or back to the Days Inn. Michelle really wanted to go off we went to their apartment to find out where the nearest candlepin lanes were....She found some in Lee....and off we went. The lanes were old, but definitely a family place, I loved it. We hadn't been bowling for soooo long. I was only able to do one string, but David, Michelle and Joel each bowled two strings. Dinner and bowling......what fun. Then back to the apartment for a visit, then we all remembered that we had to set the clocks ahead one hour. We were going to lose an hour of sleep so we decided that we had better get going. David was kind of snoozing off and on in the comfy chair anyways.

Sunday morning came to early, but we knew it would. I got up and started the coffee and got ready for worship while David slept in a while longer. Then off we went to the lobby for breakfast. I like finding a place that has free breakfast....even if it is cereal, blueberry muffins, english muffins and strudel's, coffee and juice. We fueled up and off we went for a ride. We were way to early for worship, but the ride was very nice and relaxing.

We found a pottery shop in Sheffield that was open so we stopped there for a bit. David does(well he has) pottery and is always interested in how others do their work, and to look at the pieces and see the varieties of things that can be done. I would have loved to have bought some of the pieces money for souvenirs. We will definitely be going back, so maybe next time. We drove out back to look around as they also dig their own clay on the premises.....very interesting. Time to head to Sheffield Chapel. Teen Challenge was leading the service........Michelle was running the sound board, Joel had the morning off from leading worship. They had a fellowship lunch for the church family and the men from Teen Challenge, it was definitely a feeling of family. We were greeted warmly and it felt good to know that the kids were in such a loving place. We heard nothing but good things about them and their involvement. For a mom it was so nice to hear that they are appreciated and loved.

Before we left for home we made one last stop at the apartment as M&J had something for Melissa. We gathered up the stuff and headed on home. Sad that the visit was over, but leaving knowing that they are happy, and they have a great circle of friends and a really special Christian family right where they are. We are blessed.

We arrived in Tilton, had to do our grocery shopping, and then started the rest of the way home exhausted. When we arrived home we found the house better than when we left. Melissa had been busy. What a nice and special thing to come home to. She even made chocolate mousse while we were gone and saved some for us. Delicious!!!! Thank you, Melissa!!!!! What a special treat.

When I told Melissa that Michelle and Joel had sent her some things, she checked it out and we didn't see her for over an hour. They had given her a dance revolution DVD and mat. She thought that was pretty cool. Thank you, M&J!!!

Well, that's our weekend. I had wonderful time away. We are looking forward to our next time to visit. Probably not for a month or so......probably more the so than the month. hehe

I am so blessed! I hope you all enjoy this day. Even though it is snowing. Rejoice and be glad in it.....enjoy all that God has created.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Long Week

It has been a very long week. Last Saturday I wasn't feeling extremely well, just thought I was tired and did everything I usually do on a Saturday. Lots of errands, and of course work. Sunday I ended up staying home from CBC because I was feeling really NOT WELL.....Monday I worked and did the food pantry, Tuesday decided that I was doing pretty well , then Wednesday came.....and WOW!!!!!! Not well. Worse as the day went on. I called for a doctor's appointment at 8:30am and couldn't get in until 10:55am Thursday. Thankfully Melissa was home and she watched M&E for me. I went straight to bed when they left at 11:45am and was still there when David got home. About 7pm I had decided that enough was enough and when David asked if I wanted to go to the ER I was ready to go. No second thoughts.....We got there at 7:45pm and were leaving at 9pm with two prescriptions......the pharmacies all closed at 9pm.....wouldn't you know. We got home and I went right to bed which for the last 3 nights has been my recliner in the living room. The pressure in my neck, throat and head was to much to lay down flat. David took Thursday off as a vacation day and stayed home and took care of me. He went and got my prescriptions as soon as the pharmacy opened in Meredith. I have never been so sick ..... UGH!!!!! I really wanted to spend the night at the hospital Wednesday, but I wasn't sick enough. RIGHT!!!!!! Friday morning I received a call from the ER Nurse and she told me my culture came back as Strep and to start my anitbiotic, I already had thankfully, so I had a day up on them. The other prescription was an anti inflamatory/pain med. I really thank them for that, as I couldn't even open my mouth without excruciating pain, my throat was so swollen shut that water or jello wouldn't even go through. David and Melissa have taken real good care of me. Both doing dishes and working at the church for me, and David has been great at making me things I could finally eat/drink. Chicken noodle soup for breakfast and supper, jello for lunch, tea w/ honey......that's what's been on the menu for me the last 4 days. I've lost 9 pounds.....not the way I wanted to, but it's 9 pounds less to start with when I get ready to take on that challenge. Today has been a better day, I had pizza for lunch.....not much because the spice was really bothering my throat, but it was real food.......oh yeah, I think I am making progress......I am going to try to accomplish the dishes today......maybe clean off the kitchen table as that's where everything gets put for mom to look at, and when mom doesn't look at it it just accumulates into this great big heap of stuff. And then probably another nap......I am hoping that my strength gets back soon, I need to get out of these four walls.