Monday, April 18, 2016

Lifestyle change continued.... still "pumped about it"

Yes, I am still pumped about it...  not just the numbers, but that I am feeling good about it.  The food is delicious!  There are no cravings.  I eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full.  No counting calories, or measuring portions, or anything special to eat or drink...  just good food...  delicious food.

I am liking the numbers also.  Since October 13th, 2015 I have lost 43 pounds.  I am not measuring inches lost...  but I can tell you that I have gone from a 28 blouse size to a 22...  and a 24 jean size to a 20.  Oh yeah, that is huge for me.  I am so "pumped" about that.

Some other numbers are great, too.  My A1C is normal, no more glipizide for diabetes.  My cholesterol has gone down from 248 to 170.  My blood pressure is "perfect".

So, this lifestyle change is continuing... it is so much easier than I had anticipated.  17 more to go...  God and I have got this...

Philippians 4:13