Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Real Me

I am loving this new Bible study that I have gotten into. "Being Yourself How do I take off this mask?" I didn't think I could be more myself than I already am, but have I learned a lot about what it means to really be myself.

The four sections are Just As You Are; The Power of Being Yourself; Knowing Yourself; The Fruit of Being Yourself. I have read through the whole book, now I am going through it and really taking in what it means. I am learning so much more about me.....and it's not all that scary. Really it isn't.

So, don't be surprised if you see the real me lurking around......I am going to be taking off the mask.....

I am enjoying this day the Lord has made and rejoicing in it. I am thankful that I can be me and know that God loves me for me and not what I do or look like.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What a weekend! David came home sick Thursday night and stayed in bed practically the whole weekend. The only time he left the confines of the four walls was Friday night, when we both had a craving for SUBWAY.... So I drove us up and we ate our subs, and then home again. And sleeping is something that neither one of us have had much of, at least at night time. He was able to nap during the days thankfully, as his coughing all night kept him awake. And if he is awake, that means I am awake. So, since Thursday I have had little sleep and am working on solar energy, as long as the sun is out I can function somewhat normally, but as soon as it starts to go down, I function on moon light which is not quite enough. I am a bit blurry eyed and sluggish, but I must go on.
David did go back to work yesterday, and had a pretty good day.....a little slow and weak from not doing anything over the weekend. Last night however, not much sleep again......his coughing is so deep and harsh that it kept us both awake a good deal of the night. He has gone again today to work on what little sleep he managed to get.....I hope he doesn't overdo it......but he feels the need to go to work and do his part to provide for us. He is a good man, and cares so much for us, that he sometimes forgets to take care of himself. So I nag him.....did you take the DayQuil? do you need a cough drop? Maybe you should lay down and know that kind of nagging.
So, here I am this morning.......trying to keep my eyes open, and my mind filled with all things good. I just finished making breakfast for Maddison, she loves sausage......and Emmitt has been sleeping since he got here, so he will be up soon for his breakfast. I am making David a double batch of green split pea soup......YUMMY!!!!! We will enjoy that tonight for dinner.....maybe even some corn bread to go with it. We also have brownies for dessert.......I hope I don't fall asleep in my soup.......and a nap is not in the schedule for today. My mother needs me at 1pm today, so no nap this afternoon.
I hope you enjoy this day and rejoice in all that God has created and provided. I am thankful that I have Him to lean on in my weakness. He is all I need. He gives me the strength to make it through.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Something about Nothing

Wish I had something profound to blog about. I feel like blogging, but can't for the life of me put anything into words. My mind is a blank. I think it has something to do with to many movies of Curious George and the Veggie Tales. The vegetables are singing about not having a belly button.....YIKES!!!!!! I've gone into the childlike mode.......snap out of it have got to be a little more "adultlike" for Bible study tonight. And then again, maybe not. Yes, yes, yes......I do. So until I can think of something that will be profound, I guess I should leave this blog and try to stop talking like Bob and Larry.

Enjoy this day and rejoice in all its glory. Today I am thankful that I can still have fun with the silly stuff. That I haven't quite grown up yet.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today is one of those days that I feel like doing nothing.....again! So Emmitt, Maddison and Grauntie are staying in PJ's today. Maddison didn't want to get dressed after breakfast, and neither did I. So we are just hanging out relaxing in the living rolling a ball across the floor to each other, reading books, watching all the kids shows, I think it's Dragon Tales right now. We especially like Clifford and Curious George and the big hit is Super Y. We sing and dance and have so much fun together. I would like it to last all day, but they will be going home about 1pm and then to work for a little bit and off to the doctor's and back to work for a bit more.

Yep, the doctor's. I am dreading it today. I don't usually mind, but it is a concultation today about my glyco levels. They are not good. The last three months they have been going up instead of staying down. I know he is going to tell me that I need to exercise more(how much more can I do? I don't actually exercise, but the vacuuming and mopping floors at church is a pretty good cardio exercise, believe me. And I have been having to do it every day, and it usually takes an hour or two depending how muddy the waters get.) and he will tell me to continue with the weight loss(he was pleased when I was in last week that I had actually lost 10 pounds, and today when I go in I think I have lost an additional 2).........and then there are the meds. Hopefully he will just up my prescription.

I hope you enjoy this day and that you will rejoice in all of it. The not so fun stuff and the fun stuff. I am just thankful that I am able to play and have fun and that I am able to get out to the doctor's and get medical attention even if it isn't fun.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Now, what can I say about 3:00am? Well, I can tell you it is not a good time to get woke up. That's right, I was awaken at 3:00am by CATS....... and to make matters worse they were up to stay up, so that meant I was up to stay up. I ended up trying to catch a couple of Z's on the couch so that David could sleep. That didn't work well for me....

I have to tell you though, it was a beautiful morning at 3:00am. The moon so bright shining on the clean white snow. It illumined so brightly that I thought all the outside lights were on. But it was God's spotlight on the earth. Absolutely beautiful!

So, even though I was awakened by playful cats thinking they were kittens, knocking things over and climbing curtains, it was a good morning to look out on God's beauty. Maybe it was for me this morning. To observe all that God had created.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Last nights "Outback" group was sooo much fun. I don't think I have laughed so hard in a long time. It definitely wasn't all serious stuff we talked about. I think it all started with someone asking Melody where she was from, where she was born(because she has an accent?)......and then the stories started going around the room about our growing up with and without the modern conveniences of today. Let your mind wander as to what they could have been. As I looked around the room there were tears flowing from so much laughter. Throughout the whole evening there would be eruptions of laughter, at the most unexpected times about the most unexpected things. I don't know about anyone else there, but I needed that last night.

Some tough stuff to talk about was shared last night as well. We really do have Bible study. What a great group of ladies, so encouraging and understanding and supportive. I love this group of ladies.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's Just Me....or is it?

Well, I've been doing some thinking and pondering today. Is it Just Me? Have you ever walked into a room and had someone say, oh it's just you. How did that make you feel? The more I think about it the less I think much of it. Oh, it's just you...what does that mean? You are not happy to see me, or someone else is more important and you were hoping they would be the one walking in the room? As you can see this happened to me recently....I didn't feel real good about the greeting....could you guess?

Okay, so here is my take on it's Just Me. I use this phrase loosely, as it is Just Me. But, is it really Just Me. What does God think of who I am? I don't believe He thinks of me as Just Me. Doesn't it say in the Bible the he knows every hair on my head, that He knew me before I was yet born, that He created me? So, that being the truth, how can I be Just Me? God has also called me His child. He loves me. He has gone to prepare a place for me. I don't think I am Just Me to God, do you?

I believe that I am someone special, unique, an adopted daughter of God, beautiful in His eyes, the apple of His eye. Thankfully He doesn't look down on me if I fail, or say or do something I shouldn't. He still loves me, and never says....oh, it's just you.

So my blog is labeled Just Me, because it is me....that's me. Just Me......but I know it isn't Just Me. Make sense? :-)