Tuesday, June 3, 2014

This is the day... and so it goes...

Wow!  Can hardly believe that another week has gone by already, and then I look at the calendar and see that it is log in and weigh in day...  I think I've done pretty well this week, the hardest part was this weekend with the campfire and s'mores.  "Sticktoittiveness" is what I need to keep on doing...  Yesterday, I had to take a side trip to WalMart on my way home...  the jeans that David bought me a month ago are now too big...  so another 2 pair had to be purchased...  thankfully they are on sale at only $9.00 a pair...  so I have now gone down 2 sizes...  :)  pretty excited about that.  Well, I suppose instead of just thinking about it, I should head on in and do this weigh in thing...  so, here I go...  WAHOO!!!!   WOOT!!!!  YES!!!  It was a very good weight loss week...  another -3.  And away I go into another week...  yeah, pretty happy...  I can do this...  I am doing this...  WOOT!!!

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