Tuesday, July 15, 2014

This IS the day... and so it goes

Oops!!  Forgot to blog this morning before leaving the house.  Yes, I did do the weigh in...  and I got wrapped up in some other stuff that needed to get done, so didn't sit down and do this part of my Tuesday.  Well, happily since starting over I haven't gained anything...  so, maybe you have guessed it?  I didn't lose anything either.  This plateau thing really stinks...  but I will not fret about it, I am feeling so much better, and eating so much better...  A1C and blood pressure are so much better.  So, I am doing what I can for now.  I will keep at it.  And not give up.  Thanks for being my accountability partners...  and for all the encouragement I have received since March.  So, until next week....  :)

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