Friday, April 10, 2009

Blessings overflowing

I am having one of those days when everything is a blessing. Even doing the taxes and raking the lawn. I much preferred the raking to the taxes. But the blessing in each of those is that I can do them. I have enough intelligence(please no laughing) to do the taxes and I am able physically to do the raking. I am also feeling very blessed to have my family. I am so in love with my best friend(yes, it is David), God gave me the best gift of all when He gave us each other. And then I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters after being told I would not have children(what did the doctors know--NOTHING). And I have a nephew who considers me his "Mom Dukes"(cute, huh?) and I have adopted him into my heart as my son. AND last August I became a mother-in-law to a wonderful young man who makes Michelle so very happy. And I'm not finished yet, because I have this VSN Tabitha who I would take for mine at anytime.

So that is the beginning of my blog, but in no way the end of it. I remember the song "Count Your Blessings", well, that is exactly what I am doing today. So, if I don't write anymore than this, you can be sure that I am counting my blessings all day long. My blessing list is very long.

Thank you Jesus for rescuing me and blessing me over and over again. I love you, Jesus!

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