Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Aaaaahhhhh......Spring, and New Life

I just love Spring. All the signs of new life. The new leaves coming out on the trees and new grass poking up through the turf, flowers budding and coming into full bloom. Absolutely beautiful! The fruit tree buds turning into blossoms and the smell of the new apple blossoms. Oh, spring is such a wonderful time of year.

It brings me back to May 12, 1987 when I experienced new life in Christ. What a great night that was! I went from being dormant for 32 years, to being made alive in Christ. For the past nearly 21 years I have experienced new growth, the pain of being "pruned" and "cut back", but most of all the love of the Creator to guide me through it all.

I am so grateful to God for loving me that much. That He had a plan for me and waited patiently for me. I can't imagine life without Him. Thank you, God!

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