Friday, October 12, 2012

Hidden treasures....

I've been doing a bit of cleaning out, you know downsizing?  We have moved from a three bedroom home with three walk in closets to a one bedroom with 2 small closets.  So, I have lots of pictures and paintings and "stuff" that has had to be packed and gone through a little at a time, and then off to the dump, or given away, or the famous "yard sale" that not much sold at...  so it ended up being the "free" stuff on the side of the road.

But now, getting on with the story...  I found some treasures that had been packed and hidden away.  I don't know when these were done, the year etc., but I do know that these are some of the treasures that will take center stage in our new home.

    Trivets made by Melissa and Michelle on the left over tiles of Grammie and Grampa's kitchen floor
                                                           Michelle's masterpiece
                                                         Melissa's masterpiece

                                   Another one from Melissa (don't know where this tile came from)
           I need to find frames for these next two pictures so that I can hang them in the living room.
                                                                Melissa's artwork
                                                              Michelle's artwork

I also found two trivets that my Mom had made when she and Dad were into the ceramic mode in 1998.  I didn't get pictures of them...   but will be using them quite often.

I will probably find more hidden treasures....  finding these has done my heart good...  I can feel it smiling....

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