Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Aaaahhhh..... sweet relief.... sort of!

Yes, I am beginning to feel better....  BUT...  I have got to remember that just because I am feeling a little better I still CANNOT do what I could 6 months ago.  A tough weekend...  did way to much last week... and paid the price with a not so great few days.

This is such a BIG learning thing for me.  I still need to take time out, and continue to ask for help with tasks I used to be able to do with no problem...  This is very difficult for me to do.

I don't feel sick...  I just don't have the strength and stamina or breath to do most of those tasks.

Thanking God for the healing that is going on...  physically and spiritually...  and grateful for friends that are willing to lend a hand, and even scold me when I am doing a bit too much.  :)

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