Sunday, March 1, 2009

Long Week

It has been a very long week. Last Saturday I wasn't feeling extremely well, just thought I was tired and did everything I usually do on a Saturday. Lots of errands, and of course work. Sunday I ended up staying home from CBC because I was feeling really NOT WELL.....Monday I worked and did the food pantry, Tuesday decided that I was doing pretty well , then Wednesday came.....and WOW!!!!!! Not well. Worse as the day went on. I called for a doctor's appointment at 8:30am and couldn't get in until 10:55am Thursday. Thankfully Melissa was home and she watched M&E for me. I went straight to bed when they left at 11:45am and was still there when David got home. About 7pm I had decided that enough was enough and when David asked if I wanted to go to the ER I was ready to go. No second thoughts.....We got there at 7:45pm and were leaving at 9pm with two prescriptions......the pharmacies all closed at 9pm.....wouldn't you know. We got home and I went right to bed which for the last 3 nights has been my recliner in the living room. The pressure in my neck, throat and head was to much to lay down flat. David took Thursday off as a vacation day and stayed home and took care of me. He went and got my prescriptions as soon as the pharmacy opened in Meredith. I have never been so sick ..... UGH!!!!! I really wanted to spend the night at the hospital Wednesday, but I wasn't sick enough. RIGHT!!!!!! Friday morning I received a call from the ER Nurse and she told me my culture came back as Strep and to start my anitbiotic, I already had thankfully, so I had a day up on them. The other prescription was an anti inflamatory/pain med. I really thank them for that, as I couldn't even open my mouth without excruciating pain, my throat was so swollen shut that water or jello wouldn't even go through. David and Melissa have taken real good care of me. Both doing dishes and working at the church for me, and David has been great at making me things I could finally eat/drink. Chicken noodle soup for breakfast and supper, jello for lunch, tea w/ honey......that's what's been on the menu for me the last 4 days. I've lost 9 pounds.....not the way I wanted to, but it's 9 pounds less to start with when I get ready to take on that challenge. Today has been a better day, I had pizza for lunch.....not much because the spice was really bothering my throat, but it was real food.......oh yeah, I think I am making progress......I am going to try to accomplish the dishes today......maybe clean off the kitchen table as that's where everything gets put for mom to look at, and when mom doesn't look at it it just accumulates into this great big heap of stuff. And then probably another nap......I am hoping that my strength gets back soon, I need to get out of these four walls.

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  1. I'm so glad you are starting to feel better.