Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Typical morning with David getting ready for work, Melissa getting ready for school and M&E coming to spend time with "Grauntie". But then the day turns into nothing but hubbub. I am roasting a turkey this morning(will be out at 12:45) so we will have something good to eat for dinner, the kids leave at 1pm or so, and then I have to rush out of the house and make it to Concord by 2:30pm to pick up a food delivery for the pantry. Then back to New Hampton to pick up a table at 3:30pm for M&J, then to the church to make sure everything is ready for Friends and to put away the food. Then home to finish our dinner. Thankfully everyone here loves hot turkey sandwiches, and I have homemade bread to make them with..... I will just need to cook the vegetables and make the pumpkin pie for dessert when I get home, but that will be enough as I won't be getting home until 5pm or so. Phew!!!! I'm tired already.

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