Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm Smiling....

I am sitting here this morning, smiling.  Yes, smiling!  Thinking about those short little bowed legs and toes that turn in when he walks.  Just makes me smile out loud....   :)   The little fingers and thumb wrapped around my finger as we walked on the sidewalk.  Chatting quietly and then excitedly as a motorcycle goes by.  My heart is smiling now...   if that is possible...  sure feels like it.

His squealing laughter, and funny noises....  his chatter...  that face, and those brilliant blue eyes.  His hugs and kisses and waves good bye....  

His running across the living room to find Grampa sitting in his chair, and climbing up to sit on his Grampa's lap to play with whatever Grampa has in his pockets.

That precious little face when he spots me in the kitchen, and then the word "cracker?" is said as clearly as can be.   Oh yes, I am the "cracker" Grammie....   :)  and of course there is one for each hand.

What a joy it is to be a Grammie!  

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