Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Aaaaahhhhh..... Vacation!

I knew I needed a vacation, but I guess I didn’t realize just how much.  Vacation for me started Friday at 3pm from CBC, and at 4:15pm officially as I needed to make sure Miss Bessie had all she needed before I made my getaway.  We planned to leave early Saturday morning for parts unknown.  I had the bags packed and by the door so we just had to pick them up and out the door we would go.
Saturday morning came, and plans were put on hold.  Our sweet Smokey had taken a turn for the worst, she couldn’t walk across the floor without falling, so I would carry her to her food dish, and to the litter box.  It just got worse.  She fell off the couch on her way to the litter box, and well…  yeah, you guessed it…  I didn’t get to her in time.  Poor thing!  I knew that she would not make it through the night, so we decided to wait until Sunday morning to leave.  I made a nice little bed for her in the bathtub, she wasn’t able to stand up at all, she would try and flop to her side, it was the safest place for her to be, and the easiest to clean if I needed to.  It was a long day, keeping her comfortable, talking with her, listening to her cry…  she succumbed to her old age (13 years and 9 months) in the evening, and David wrapped her in her pretty pink towel, and laid her to rest.  She will be missed by us, and her feline siblings.
Sunday morning came, breakfast eaten, everything cleaned up, and off we go…..  Where to?  Hmmmm….  Good question… 

First stop, CrossRoads to attend worship with the family and good friends.  Beautiful service!  There was a surprise awaiting the congregation, we would all have to take part.  What could it be?  What’s he going to make us do?  And then Pastor Heath asked Mr. and Mrs. MacDonald to come forward.  They were going to renew their vows, what a wonderful start to the service.   And a great message followed, and worship was spirit led.
And then back on the road…  heading south…  second stop…  Newick’s for dinner.  The tide was out and you could smell the ocean air and mud as we walked to the restaurant.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner, David ordering seafood chowder and baked seafood medley, and my seafood shepherd’s pie.  Mmmm…
And, back on the road….  Taking the seacoast Route 1 heading north.  Yep, north…  just a little bit.  We both had Kittery in our thoughts…  a perfect place for us for a couple of days…  The Coachman Inn.  What a delightful little place!  We have been here many times over the past couple of years, and love the hospitality, friendliness, cleanliness, and location. 

I found out just how much I needed a vacation when we got there, as I said I was going to lie down for a bit to relax, and woke up 3 hours later.   We just relaxed, watched some television, walked out to the lobby and got a couple of hot cocoas and returned to our room for a picnic supper in our room (I had packed some yogurt, oranges, crackers and cheese, sunflower seeds and figs), and we played dominoes.  Very relaxing! 
Monday morning brought a new day.  What to do?  First thing was the free continental breakfast…  They had a nice selection of cereals (hot and cold), hard boiled eggs, English muffins, Danish, coffee cakes, oranges and bananas, and yogurts.  So we definitely didn’t need to leave hungry.  And we didn’t.  So, what to do with the rest of the day?  David really wanted to go to Lowes, and as long as he was going to do that, I figured a trip to WalMart could happen too.  So that is what we did…  and of course after that trip to Lowes, it was time for lunch…  so, we were in Greenland why not head back to Dover Point and eat at Newick’s again.  I had no problem with that.  So another meal…  this time it was a fried seafood platter for David and a bowl of creamy fish chowder for me.  And again it was…  Mmmmm….
And once again it was nap time…  actually I needed to go and lie down as my jaw was not feeling so good…  so back to the Inn.  It was so quiet!  We decided after a while to go and check out a couple of places..  the OOPS! Store, but it was closed until spring, so we went across the street and went through the Kittery Trading Post.  Massive!  I stayed on the first floor, and David went and checked out the second floor.  Then we decided to go and check out the “When Pigs Fly” bread store, but we missed it by about 10 minutes.  They were closed.  Oh well, just wasn’t meant to be.  So we decided to head back to our room.  The sun was setting, and the sky was ablaze with beautiful color.  A perfect ending to a wonderful day!  We once again enjoyed a picnic supper in our room, walked out for hot cocoa, and returned to a few games of King’s in the Corner, watch a bit of television and good night.

We woke Tuesday, knowing that we would be heading home for a day or two.  I did not want to leave, and we could have stayed one more night but I knew we needed to head home and take care of a few things, and unload the car of David’s and my finds at Lowes and Walmart.  So, breakfast and then hit the road…  we drove the coast road through Kittery Point, enjoyed sitting by the ocean for a few minutes taking in the sights, taking our time as we didn’t have to hurry.  And guess what we did when we got to Rochester?  We stopped at Lowes!  Why not fill up with some more treasures?  And that we did…  now we really needed to get home to unload the car.  We had a roll of 15’ x 8’11” carpet, 14 8’ pieces of trim board, electrical outlets, switches, cover plates, carpet tape, screws, nails, curtain rods, valances…  that all needed to be taken out of the van…  David is working on a project, and I think he would really like to get it done during this vacation time…  He is having fun working on it, seeing everything come together….  I on the other hand, am taking a vacation and being the photographer of the project.  I will fix meals, because I like to…  but am doing little else for the rest of the week…

Wednesday, David is working on his project, and I am taking it easy.  Lunch?  Leftover pea soup or 3 bean bake.  I think I heard the mention of Lowes again…  and if that is the case, maybe breakfast for lunch at the local diner.   Works for me.  A pork roast is in the crock pot for dinner, and it is starting to smell pretty good….   And this is what I do know, I am not answering the phones, and not going to be on Facebook....  I am on vacation...  and I am loving it!

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  1. Yay for vacations! I'm glad you are getting to relax!