Friday, January 31, 2014

David's Project...

You've all been hearing ab out "the project".  Well, now I will share it with you.  Oh yes, January has been a project month for “the man”.  He has been enjoying the project, watching it all come together, and has appreciated the help of some pretty special guys.

David cleaned out a section of the basement, and on January 4th brother Tom came to help with some framing,  from there David added some outside walls, insulation, and electrical outlets.  Brother Bud and nephew Kyle came and hung the sheet rock, and did the mudding.  Then back to David for some painting, trimming, carpet, adding switches, outlets and covers, doors, ceiling lights… and all the other stuff I have no idea about... I have had the privilege of being the photographer...  and choosing the paint colors...

Here it is from beginning to end....  January 4th, 2014...

Framing with brother Tom
the outside walls
master craftsmanship by brother Bud and nephew Kyle
putting down the underlayment and tack strips

carpet going down

oak laminate for the closet floor

carpet all in place

Threshold installed to closet

Closet door being installed

closet door installed and knob added

The finished project

So, there it is...  David's finished project....  and it has a name...  Now known as "Melissa's Room". 

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