Wednesday, January 29, 2014

That belly laugh is still making me smile...

Last night we decided to visit with Michelle, Joel, Noah, and Isaac.  So, we walked down across to the "Brown Croft Acre" to say hello.  We were greeted by the "little men", each with their own agenda.  Noah holding a book for Grammie to read to him, and Isaac reaching for Grampa, probably to see what he had in his shirt pocket.  I read The Cat in the Hat, while Noah sat close, and Isaac was playing with Grampa's pen and paper. 

I finished reading, Noah was off jumping on the trampoline, we were all enjoying a nice visit when Isaac came to me holding a little change purse.  He wanted me to open it, which I did...  and then he closed it on my finger and I said Ouch!  He went into this belly laugh, and it was quite a game for quite a while, making us all stop and laugh at him laughing. 

Those two "little men" have stolen this Grammie and Grampa's heart big time.  I just can't stop smiling...

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  1. Awe. His laugh was awesome! Glad you came to visit! - <3 Michelle