Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday February 20th

Thankful today for my husband.  Thoughtful and hardworking.

Hardworking:  He works hard all week to provide for us, and when he gets home he does what needs to be done around the homestead.  For instance, he went to work today as usual and when he arrived back home he went to work clearing all the roofs of snow before the rain and freezing mix comes tonight. 

Thoughtful:  These last couple of days I've been finding little handwritten notes.  "Hi.  I love you" on my pillow, and "Nice!!  I love you!" on the kitchen counter after dinner, and "I love you!" on the dining room table.  <3 br=""> 
Blessed!  Loved!  Encouraged!  Thankful!  That is how I feel tonight.

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