Sunday, February 2, 2014

Vacation Part 2...

Okay, so remember I said I would not answer the telephone…  well, I did.  It was the meals on wheels guy looking for Bessie.  She wasn’t answering her door…  Oh Bessie, what are you up to?  So, I began the phone calls to find her…  after a half hour and dialing her home again, she answered the phone.  She decided that she needed a couple of prescriptions and a few things at Hannaford’s, so she called someone to take her.   Phew!  I then called the senior center to let them know as they were very concerned.

Now that that crisis was over, I went back to vacation…  yes, a trip to Lowes was definitely in order.  But first, breakfast for lunch at the local Center Harbor Diner.  Delicious!!!    Off to Lowes with a list of everything David needed to finish his project (or I thought).  Once we returned back home, David went back to work on his project, and I went upstairs to relax…  I did nearly nothing all day…  and that is exactly what I wanted to do on vacation. 

Thursday, I slept in until the telephone rang at 8:00am (right Michelle?)…  David had gotten up earlier and was already working on his project.  We had a busy day ahead with a doctor’s appointment, and another trip to Lowes.    Why not stop at Pizza Hut for the pizza buffet for $5.00?  We haven’t been to Pizza Hut in so long, and it was really really good.  And then time off from vacation to go to CBC and print up the bulletins, inserts, and then stuff the bulletins so that they will have them for Sunday.  I got scolded by a very good friend when she saw me there.  So, I finished up as fast as I could…  and got out of there…  Thank you Dona Lynn! 

So, now I am back on vacation for good…  David will have his project completed soon…  I must say he is doing a fantastic job on it…  and I have all the laundry done so that I can repack the suitcase for our next little excursion…     

Our last excursion of the vacation was an early start Saturday morning heading south to Mansfield Center, Connecticut to visit Melissa.  We had a wonderful time, took her out to eat, did a little shopping, and visited at her apartment for a while.  I helped with her dishes (I love doing dishes), helped hang a piece of artwork she did, helped with hanging some new curtains in her living room and bathroom...    she loves her apartment, and it is looking quite homey...  we chatted a while as David took a much needed nap.  Then it was time to say our goodbyes, the visit never seems long enough, and we are already planning our next visit in one month...  

We decided to head to Sturbridge and find a place to stay the night, and then Sunday morning head over to Oxford to attend worship at Oak Hill Bible Church.  This time we surprised Pastor Glenn and Cindy with our visit...  and we were pleasantly surprised to sit next to Pastor Jim and Miriam Loghry.  What a wonderful service!  And then it was time to head on home...  a stop in Concord for dinner at Newick's...  a stop at Market Basket for some much needed groceries...  then home to unpack, do laundry, get some food ready for our Super Bowl dinner...  and just sit back and relax.  

David and I both agree that this vacation just wasn't long enough...    

On the road again...

I just love the architecture of the old buildings in Worcester

A favorite place to eat when visiting Melissa. 

Leaving 111 Mansfield Hollow Road

Cool carving in the lobby of our Inn

Very nice accommodations in Sturbridge, MA.  Really nice continental breakfast included.

Pretty cool hay bale snowman on our way to worship.

Great worship, message, and communion with the Oak Hill Bible Church family.  Always blessed when we visit.

Back in NH already?  At least we have the rest of the day.

And of course, dinner for two in Concord.

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