Tuesday, April 8, 2014

This IS the day... I'm on my way...

I thought the week before was hard, it was nothing compared to this past week.  Oh my, what a time I had.  Thankful that I could pack all the cookies and stuff into David's lunch box to get them out of the house...  I was so tempted, and it was so hard to NOT eat everything and anything that was on the counter in the kitchen....  it's not there now.... thankfully!  I had to really stick to the daily menu that I write everyday...  I really didn't want to measure and portion, but I did...  Stress was really doing a number on me, so I would pause and breathe, and remember that "I can do all this through him who gives me strength,"  Philippians 4:13
Oh, have I said how hard it was for me last week?  UGH!!!  I really need this vacation coming up.
So, here I go for my weekly weigh in...  Well, I did do what I needed to...  but I am still a bit apprehensive about stepping on those scales...     WOOT!!!  I must say, I am a bit surprised...  -1.5.  Hard work does pay off!  So, to keep on keeping on... 

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