Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Real Me

I am loving this new Bible study that I have gotten into. "Being Yourself How do I take off this mask?" I didn't think I could be more myself than I already am, but have I learned a lot about what it means to really be myself.

The four sections are Just As You Are; The Power of Being Yourself; Knowing Yourself; The Fruit of Being Yourself. I have read through the whole book, now I am going through it and really taking in what it means. I am learning so much more about me.....and it's not all that scary. Really it isn't.

So, don't be surprised if you see the real me lurking around......I am going to be taking off the mask.....

I am enjoying this day the Lord has made and rejoicing in it. I am thankful that I can be me and know that God loves me for me and not what I do or look like.


  1. Sounds very interesting! Are you doing that with the Outback group? Or is this something you are doing on your own? I might have to look into that book. I think of myself as being pretty "myself"...but I bet I would be surprised by reading that book!

  2. It's a book that I am doing on my own right now, but we are going to be doing it in the "Outback" when we finish the one we're doing now. It is excellent.......