Monday, May 18, 2009


Yesterday at the bridal shower for Shara we were all handed a small card to offer some "advise" to Shara for her new life to come. This word really got me thinking and wondering what "advise" I could give to someone. I could find all kinds of scripture verses or I could give some "deep" intuitive mumbo jumbo, but that is not really who I am. I don't like giving "advise", I think it is because I stumble with it. If I give "advise" and don't live it, then I feel like a hypocrite. If I can't live it myself, I don't think I should offer it to someone else, I mean I don't want them to see my failure(s). Well, I got over the mindboggling feeling of being inadequate to give "advise", and wrote something, not sure what it was exactly but the card ended up being really small, but it was from the heart. It was something I put into practice daily, not always an easy thing to do, but something that is God honoring when done.

So, the only "advise" I can give is think about what is pleasing to God, then do it.

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