Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Today is the day...

I am having issues with my sugar levels...  the doctor wants to increase one of my medications.  I am determined that that does not have to happen.  Today IS the day! 

So, after stepping on the scales and seeing that I have gained 2 pounds since Thanksgiving, I am determined that that is going to change as well.  So, I am going to start my healthier eating plan and get in some exercising.  The healthier eating plan is no sweat, but the exercising makes me laugh.  The arthritis in my knees and hips makes walking very difficult and painful, so I am going another route. I'm sure that the warmer weather (whenever that happens) will help with the arthritis pain.  So, I will be doing my wall pushups, my weight lifting (moving cases of food from shelf to shelf in the food pantry makes that work for me), and using my stretching exercises given me by the doctor.  I will be walking up and down the stairs a couple of times a day at work, so I will get some walking in.  The doctor suggested 5 times a day...  I will see how that works, will start out a bit slower I think. 

So there you have it, and here I go.  Today IS the day for sure.

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