Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This is the day... oh yeah, it is...

9 weeks ago today I started this journey with a determination to get healthier...  eat better, exercise more, take care of myself physically and mentally (the mentally thing is debatable)...  and I have done what I could to make that happen.  It has been easier than I anticipated, I think that is because I am not denying myself anything...  I have not given up dessert, snacks, nothing...  just making a lot of better choices.  And I am really liking all the fresh fruit and veggies...  And working at CBC has made it easier with the exercising...  there are a lot of stairs to go up and down, and not just because I have to, but when I want to get up and just move, I can go up to the 3rd floor and back around to my office.  So, here I go to see how it's gone this week.  YES!!!!  another -3.5 pounds.  just checked back and that means  I am at -19 pounds.  Wow!!!  Feeling really good with the results so far...  so here I go into week 10...  continuing the eating habits and the "stair stepping".  WOOT!!

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