Thursday, September 1, 2011

I am sitting here listening to a CD titled Reflections, Praise and Worship Piano by Eric Wyse. So calming and relaxing. Thinking about everything that I have been doing this week in preparation for this coming weekend. Yes, a yard sale is taking shape for the weekend, cleaning out the "homestead" making it ready for our move in.

I am finding boxes and boxes of stuff, I know that they were treasures to the ones that packed it all, but I am finding much of it has little to no meaning to me. I am however finding some treasures that I will keep and that my brother will want... some special handmade pottery and painted ceramics that our parents have lovingly made. We have taken a piece or two that especially means something to us, and have invited my Dad's siblings in to choose something they might want as a special memory. Dad's old baseball gloves... to hold them close and smell the old leather and remembering him on the baseball field playing first base... police and deputy sheriff patches and badges and remembering him looking so handsome in his uniforms, and remembering how proud I was to have him as my dad.

It's been difficult finding so much, but at the same time, it has given me a chance to reminisce and shed tears and laugh, and yes, to also say out loud, "Mom, what were you thinking?" and then a smile... I can almost hear her say... you never know, you might need that someday... I know she kept everything and that it had some special meaning, but I would love to have gone through this all with her so that she could tell me what it all meant... Oh how I miss going through the photos with her and hearing her stories of growing up.

I miss Mom and Dad so much. There is a big hole in my heart with them gone, but going through all this stuff, that hole is filling up with the memories.... it's hard to think that they are gone, but they will never be forgotten, their memories will live on....

I love you Mom and Dad... I hope you knew how much...

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