Thursday, February 12, 2009

Something about Nothing

Wish I had something profound to blog about. I feel like blogging, but can't for the life of me put anything into words. My mind is a blank. I think it has something to do with to many movies of Curious George and the Veggie Tales. The vegetables are singing about not having a belly button.....YIKES!!!!!! I've gone into the childlike mode.......snap out of it have got to be a little more "adultlike" for Bible study tonight. And then again, maybe not. Yes, yes, yes......I do. So until I can think of something that will be profound, I guess I should leave this blog and try to stop talking like Bob and Larry.

Enjoy this day and rejoice in all its glory. Today I am thankful that I can still have fun with the silly stuff. That I haven't quite grown up yet.


  1. blogging about nothing is ok:)

    ..funny what spending time with kids all day will do to you! Its not a bad thing:)

  2. definitely not a bad thing....I think it is keeping my young(er).....hehe