Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today is one of those days that I feel like doing nothing.....again! So Emmitt, Maddison and Grauntie are staying in PJ's today. Maddison didn't want to get dressed after breakfast, and neither did I. So we are just hanging out relaxing in the living rolling a ball across the floor to each other, reading books, watching all the kids shows, I think it's Dragon Tales right now. We especially like Clifford and Curious George and the big hit is Super Y. We sing and dance and have so much fun together. I would like it to last all day, but they will be going home about 1pm and then to work for a little bit and off to the doctor's and back to work for a bit more.

Yep, the doctor's. I am dreading it today. I don't usually mind, but it is a concultation today about my glyco levels. They are not good. The last three months they have been going up instead of staying down. I know he is going to tell me that I need to exercise more(how much more can I do? I don't actually exercise, but the vacuuming and mopping floors at church is a pretty good cardio exercise, believe me. And I have been having to do it every day, and it usually takes an hour or two depending how muddy the waters get.) and he will tell me to continue with the weight loss(he was pleased when I was in last week that I had actually lost 10 pounds, and today when I go in I think I have lost an additional 2).........and then there are the meds. Hopefully he will just up my prescription.

I hope you enjoy this day and that you will rejoice in all of it. The not so fun stuff and the fun stuff. I am just thankful that I am able to play and have fun and that I am able to get out to the doctor's and get medical attention even if it isn't fun.

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