Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What a weekend! David came home sick Thursday night and stayed in bed practically the whole weekend. The only time he left the confines of the four walls was Friday night, when we both had a craving for SUBWAY.... So I drove us up and we ate our subs, and then home again. And sleeping is something that neither one of us have had much of, at least at night time. He was able to nap during the days thankfully, as his coughing all night kept him awake. And if he is awake, that means I am awake. So, since Thursday I have had little sleep and am working on solar energy, as long as the sun is out I can function somewhat normally, but as soon as it starts to go down, I function on moon light which is not quite enough. I am a bit blurry eyed and sluggish, but I must go on.
David did go back to work yesterday, and had a pretty good day.....a little slow and weak from not doing anything over the weekend. Last night however, not much sleep again......his coughing is so deep and harsh that it kept us both awake a good deal of the night. He has gone again today to work on what little sleep he managed to get.....I hope he doesn't overdo it......but he feels the need to go to work and do his part to provide for us. He is a good man, and cares so much for us, that he sometimes forgets to take care of himself. So I nag him.....did you take the DayQuil? do you need a cough drop? Maybe you should lay down and rest......you know that kind of nagging.
So, here I am this morning.......trying to keep my eyes open, and my mind filled with all things good. I just finished making breakfast for Maddison, she loves sausage......and Emmitt has been sleeping since he got here, so he will be up soon for his breakfast. I am making David a double batch of green split pea soup......YUMMY!!!!! We will enjoy that tonight for dinner.....maybe even some corn bread to go with it. We also have brownies for dessert.......I hope I don't fall asleep in my soup.......and a nap is not in the schedule for today. My mother needs me at 1pm today, so no nap this afternoon.
I hope you enjoy this day and rejoice in all that God has created and provided. I am thankful that I have Him to lean on in my weakness. He is all I need. He gives me the strength to make it through.

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