Saturday, February 7, 2009


Now, what can I say about 3:00am? Well, I can tell you it is not a good time to get woke up. That's right, I was awaken at 3:00am by CATS....... and to make matters worse they were up to stay up, so that meant I was up to stay up. I ended up trying to catch a couple of Z's on the couch so that David could sleep. That didn't work well for me....

I have to tell you though, it was a beautiful morning at 3:00am. The moon so bright shining on the clean white snow. It illumined so brightly that I thought all the outside lights were on. But it was God's spotlight on the earth. Absolutely beautiful!

So, even though I was awakened by playful cats thinking they were kittens, knocking things over and climbing curtains, it was a good morning to look out on God's beauty. Maybe it was for me this morning. To observe all that God had created.

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